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This video is a quick sample of some of the music Adam has orchestrated for the MAS audios. It is a meer taste of what's to come with this special offer.

Welcome to the World of MAS
(Mental Auditory Simulation)

The Tessera Method is a system that creates effortless and enjoyable experiences that take place within a non-physical auditory environment.  (Tessera) These experiences first create a highly emotional, or "higher-self" perspective that will literally awaken creative parts of your brain in order to help you perceive the world YOUR way, without emotional resistance typically found in physical environments.

This allows us to use hidden parts of our creativity, so we can then reflect upon them logically, and act in the physical world. The Tessera difference is about removing blocks by showing you their true nature. In short, Tessera is about transformation through emotional and logical clarity. The main key of Tessera is the scenarios and orchestration that accompanies them. It's like a profound screenless motion picture where you play the leading role.

In fact, the instrumentation and equipment Adam uses to score the MAS audios for Tessera, is some of the very same that was used to create the soundtrack for the movie Avatar. No other program in the world is like this!


What Comes with On the Edge of Eden
(Downloadable DIGITAL Product)

(Run Time: 14:38)

This MAS audio will be your "quick start guide" on everything you need to know about your journey within Tessera.

You will begin on a warm moonlit beach listening to the waves. Then, Adam will guide you though a meditative state into a state of true awakening by introducing you to someone who has been waiting for you, for a lifetime.

You will then be shown a scenario that will challenge you to surrender to your own creativity and imagination. This scenario, could very likely be the last you ever need to in order to experience the light.

This integral MAS audio also sets the stage for the rest of the series of On the Edge of Eden as you finally pair up with one more very special person in a maternity ward. This person, will single handily show you the true nature of the person you have been looking for.


Module Two: TIMELINE
(Run Time: 44:42)

Timeline's journey begins in a familiar hilltop setting in front of the Tree of Tessera. You will be guided by Adam, as you experience and solve the riddle of the five trees while traveling through space and time.

This MAS is filled with power and emotion as you journey to five hidden locations towards your journey to oneness. These locations range from the caves of the jurassic period, to a powerful scenario with a father who has lost all hope, and back to the special person you met in Attunement. You will experience life changing perspectives as the two of you solve the secret of the final tree and the message that awaits you.

The music and orchestration in Timeline is unmatched by any program of its kind. You will literally FEEL yourself with Adam in these locations and share experiences that nothing but Tessera could bring to you.


(Run Time: 80 minutes with 3 MAS audios included)

Welcome to your very own Tessera. In this comprehensive module you will be taken to a place you're never been and be given the chance to plant a seed for your very own Tessera.

Magnificent acts as a self-esteem construction kit for the building of your own Tessera (A Virtual world in which to tap into your creative superconsciousness and deal with problems, challenges, constraints, etc)

Imagine being the creator of your very own world, from scratch. How would you create it? Would what you do? What objects are around you that cause you to remain stuck, and which ones are your symbols of power? Look around you right now, what do you see? What you are looking from is your body, your filters, your story. Imagine all of this removed for just a few moments so that you could see the truth of who you are. This module will help you uncover what is right in front of you!

Magnificent also comes with a short instruction guide ebook to help you prepare for your journey into The Fall of Winter.

(Run Time: 35:08)

The Fall of Winter is one of the most powerful MAS audios ever created. Its music, direction and scenario, bring you to a place of pure breakthrough and fulfillment..

It begins with the story of Garred, a young boy trying to find a way to heal his sick mother. During his ordeal, his father desperately tries to explain to young Garred that his mother's illness was caused by "Old Man Winter", and that it is now God's will to determine her fate.

As Garred listens to his father's difficult explanation of God, he begins to see his stuffed tiger "Roosevelt" as a symbol of the Divine..

At this point, you will embark on a similar journey, but instead of experiencing Garred's story, you will play an active role within your own. You will also, in real time, experiene the full formula behind the Tessera method as you experience the true power of a non-physical paradise that you, and solely you, have created. You will witness first hand, as your Tessera tacles and shows you the incredible truth behind the greatest of all human suffering.

Make no mistake about it, you will not leave this MAS audio as the same person that entered it.


Two Never Before Offered Additions for
This Special Offer

ELM (Environmental Location Audio) One: The Cabin
(Run Time: 26:25)

The Cabin is the beginning of a very powerful lesson of non-duality. You will walk through a blustery snow storm with Adam until you reach a remote cabin deep in the woods upon a high mountain top.

Once there, Adam will walk you through "Stage One" of the transformation of non-duality by showing you the power of our working memory.

Together, you will fill this cabin with personal items so that you can become prepared for this final transition into oneness.

ELM Two: The Blue Room (The End of Emotional Suffering)
(Run Time: 22:10)

The Blue Room is where everything comes together. As you sit in front of the fireplace surrounded by the items you've placed within your Cabin, the stage is now set for you to experience a perspective unlike anything you've experienced before.

What if you could become the walls, and prove to yourself that the body doesn't even exist? What if you could see that your possessions, your history, your suffering, were all an illusion? What if you could "re-locate" your consciousness in order to see the truth behind the Tesserean metaphor "Without the Water there are no islands".

The hardest part of transformation is to reach a place where "the search", comes to an end. Once you can do this, you will be able to experience that the seeker him or herself, is the main block stopping us from becoming one with the source. And that yes, it is possible to move past ourselves in order to instantly connect with our superconsciousness and the Divine.

And all it takes, is a simple shift.



The Essential Interactive Lecture Series:
(Clarity Through Tessera)

What if you could get a chance to experience the lessons of Tessera, live, with Adam, in real time? Look no further, this is included with this very special offer!

The Essential Series is an interactive discussion series that will cover all aspects of clarity. Everything from suffering, to money and abundance, relationships, business, coaching, and even how to apply personal development, or other related programs that you may have purchased in the past and didn't find success with. Yes, THIS IS EVEN SUPPORT FOR OTHER PROGRAMS THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED!

In other words, this is about how to get past ANY THING that is stopping you, blocking you, or causing you uncertainty, resistance, anxiety or fear.

During this 30 day interactive lecture series, you will meet up with Adam once per week for four weeks.

Adam will then guide you through four powerful lessons via a private group chatroom program, while at the same time interacting with you so that you can execute these lessons in the real world.

Is your time limited, and you can't make these sessions? No problem. Each session will be transcribed, (With all participant names being changed) and offered to you in a comprehensive set of four ebooks, so that you can revisit them any time you wish, for a lifetime.

If you have ever needed to be clear about anything in life, this is your chance.

This is the kind of support you will only find in Tessera. The value for this special essential series is priceless.


The ULTIMATE of ALL Bonuses
The Living Tessera Private (FREE) Membership Site

Each member of Tessera, will gain LIFETIME access to the Living Tessera Website. This is a place where countless additions ranging from songs, to atmospheric audios, to discussions on diet and business, have been placed. If you keep the program, you are a member for life to this frequently updated private website!



6 Full MAS Audio Experiences
4 Live Essential Interactive Lectures
4 Ebook Transcripts
9 Ebooks and Reports
Free Subscription to "The Tesserean" Emagazine
2 ELM Audio Modules

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Adam King is a visionary and nationally known speaker on transformational personal development, business and relationships. He is also an accomplished musician, composer, movie score writer, and author.
For over two decades he has created and perfected a unique method called Tessera, a non-physical Eden which produces a neuro-physiological response within us that can result in a massive state of transformation using a cutting-edge technology called Mental Auditory Simulation or MAS for short.
He applies his compositions, writing, vision, personal experiences and recording studio expertise with an in-depth understanding of relational psychology and communication to create this method.
Tessera has helped his students around the world to shift into what he calls "parallel awareness", where participants can enter into any uncomfortable situation, or environment that has stopped them from achieving fulfillment, and see the truth behind their suffering and resistance.  The result can be instant, life lasting change.

You would identify why fighting to get ahead is what keeps you getting stuck and how laziness is nothing more than a lack of clarity. The Tessera Method helps you to get a totally new and empowering perspective on how effortlessly you can beat any challenge in your life, by knowing that there is truly another world full of answers right here, and right now, just waiting for you.
Tessera method has been used by personal coaches, therapists and doctors, other national speakers and celebrities to help produce profound shifts in their lives, and the lives of their patients and clients’.

I am greatly looking forward to sharing Tessera with you and hearing about your experiences!
Another World Awaits!

*NOTE: All Participants that keep Tessera, will be given LIFETIME
access to the Living Tessera Community Blog right after the return policy ends.
This blog contains up to date Tessera information on diet,
money, relationships and the method itself.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!